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YumeVisionAgency & ConflictReporter are an association of independent Photographers, Cameramans, Reporters, Writers, Publishers and Journalists.

Our reporters come from all over the world, uniting our diverse styles and expertise with rigorous reporting.

The  YumeVisionReporters Team has produced photo reports, video news, films, articles and interviews from Chechnya, Nepal, Albania, Sri Lanka, Russia, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Switzerland, France, India, Poland, Iraq and many other places.

YumeVision Team has been reporting from around the world since 1990.

We have specialized in life in conflict zones.

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Our permanent Reporters:

Sergeï San Yume

Leïla Farchakh

Eva DeVille

Yoann O'Connor

Reindar Männikkö

Iavelli Marco

Yasmin Zyl

Julien VanDerClif

Xian Ly

JuanRomán DeSanMartin

Toyotomi Hõjõ

Swen Connrad'

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The YumeVisionTeam fallow the code of conduct of the International Federation of Journalism
IFJ Declaration of Principles on the Conduct of Journalists Adopted by the Second World Congress of the International Federation of Journalists at Bordeaux in April 1954 and amended by the 18th IFJ World Congress in Helsingör in June 1986.
This international Declaration is proclaimed as a standard of professional conduct for journalists engaged in gathering, transmitting, disseminating and commenting on news and information in describing events.
1. Respect for truth and for the right of the public to truth is the first duty of the journalist.
2. In pursuance of this duty, the journalist shall at all times defend the principles of freedom in the honest collection and publication of news, and of the right of fair comment and criticism.
3. The journalist shall report only in accordance with facts of which he/ she knows the origin. The journalist shall not suppress essential information or falsify documents.
4. The journalist shall use only fair methods to obtain news, photographs and documents.
5. The journalist shall do the utmost to rectify any published information which is found to be harmfully inaccurate.
6. The journalist shall observe professional secrecy regarding the source of information obtained in confidence.
7. The journalist shall be aware of the danger of discrimination being furthered by the media, and shall do the utmost to avoid facilitating such discrimination based on, among other things, race, sex, sexual orientation, language, religion, political or other opinions, and national or social origins.
8. The journalist shall regard as grave professional offences the following:
- plagiarism;
- malicious misrepresentation;
- calumny, slander, libel, unfounded accusations;
- the acceptance of a bribe in any form in consideration of either publication or suppression.
9. Journalists worthy of the name shall deem it their duty to observe faithfully the principles stated above. Within the general law of each country the journalist shall recognize in professional matters the jurisdiction of colleagues only, to the exclusion of every kind of interference by governments or others.



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No Comment2.0TRIPTYK, 2nd edition

by Swen Connrad’/YumeVisionPublications

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Original design by Sergei San Yume

First publication date: March 2007

Second publication date: March 2012

Publisher: YumeVisionPublications

Shipping from: 30 March 2012

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Photo book
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Requiescat In Pace

- Cynthia Elbaum
Killed in a Russian bombing raid in Grosny capital of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria
the 22 decembre 1994

- Maria Grazia Cutuli
Murdered near Sarubi in Afghanistan
the 19 November 2001

- Raffaele Ciriello
Murdered by Israeli occupied force in Ramallah state of Palestine
The 13 March 2002



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